Nelson's compositions command an obvious authority driven by his confidence and powerful individualism. The primary reason Nelson's compositions are so appealing and commanding is his ability to write music from several different genres. It is intense in mood and structure and his lyrics, like an artist's brush, seem to paint the pictures of our lives.

There is irony and humor, but this, too, is deceptive because beneath these there is clearly a fierce intellect and passionate involvement. His unique song writing, and creative style is incredible. Nelson's new album, "Bad Boy Slippin' Out Of Me" has a modern R&B flare with a touch of hip-hop, blues, & heart felt lyrics that can take your emotions on a magical emotional roller coaster ride........

~ About Nelson Rogers ~

For those of you who have not heard Nelson's music, or are wondering what style he plays, you will be delighted when you find he has something for most everyone. From hip-hop beats to Blues, Classic Rock, R&B, Ballads, Country, and Southern as well as Alternative rock. Nelson as vocalist/keyboards and drummer creates a multi-layered storm of sound that floats over the solid bass and drum rhythm section.

Nelson is from Central California and has inherited much of his musical abilities from both his parents, which were both successful professional musicians and song writers. Do a search of his father "Weldon Rogers"and you will soon realize music lives in the blood, (hereditary)and this is where he came from. Nelson's father was also the guy who was co-responsible for starting the recording career of Roy Orbison and The Teen Kings.

Nelson's mother "Wanda Faye" was signed to Columbia Records back in 1964 and is also listed in the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fortworth, Texas. Although his parent's generation of music was much different than the music is today, the musical talent, creativity & skill remains the same as it is passed down to the next generation.

~ Experience ~

Nelson's first instrument was drums. He was given his first drum kit at age seven. He played 4 hours each day after school while the other boys were playing baseball. At the ripe old age of eleven years old his mother,(Wanda Faye)hired him in her country western band. During Nelson's teen years he joined several rock bands, had alot of fun playing, but it simply did not pay as well as country music did in that era. It was not long before Nelson found a working Country Rock band by the name of Moonshine Express. Nelson played nite clubs full-time, five nights per week, for years. Soon after, he mastered the drums with a confident and flashy style. For a while drums actually became boring to him.

~ Vocals ~

Vocally, Nelson started as a back-up singer. Then, he learned to sing harmony. Singing, while playing drums at the same time, was much more challenging and enjoyable for Nelson. It wasan't long before the band started asking him to sing more and more songs. Most drummers back then did not sing much,if at all. Next, he picked up on rhythm guitar and started writing a few songs. Then, in his early twenties, he took piano lessons from his mother and soon developed and fell in love with that honky tonk piano sound.

~ Bands ~

He played in such bands in the Modesto, California area 70's & 90's as Mood Shine Express, Country Lite, Dealers Choice, Mother Load, Sunset Westerners, Maximum Capacity, and more. In the mid 1990's, Nelson helped formed and shape a classic rock band into playing more modern country music. The band was named Maximum Capacity. After making a demo tape, Nelson started shopping for a booking agent and found one in Modesto, California. Maximum Capacity was booked and played several venues for three years. The band consisted of a married couple who started bringing their personal problems to the stage. It did not take long before they disbanded and each member went separate ways. Instead of forming a new band, Nelson decided to take this time to write and take his original music to the Sound Chamber Recording Studio where he met up with Frank Imbesi, a local recording engineer, who happend to be the owner of a multi-million dollar studio. This is when Nelson recorded his first album, Extreme Output .

~ Compositions ~

Since then Nelson has written over fifty songs and recorded twenty two of them. Nelson's latest project was in late 2008 Bad Boy Slippin' Out Of Me . This album is much more successful and myspace music, itunes, Napster, and Cd Baby have been a big help in promoting it. His music is now in over 30 countries around the world thanks to the world wide web. US and European sales are now the daily norm. And his songs can be found all over the net. Nelson is now working on a music video to help promote his new album even more.

~ Styles ~

Nelson's musical styles create restless, ambient soundscapes, using the familiar configuration of bass, piano, drums and guitars on his Motif 6 to create his unique instrumental as well as vocal compositions. Although influenced by Classic Rock, Blues, and Country, his music fuses to incorporate a diverse array of genres and styles.

~ Lyrics ~

Nelson’s lyrics blast holes into our collective subconscious. He wounds, irritates, rejoices and says practically everything – but he doesn’t preach. He simply holds a mirror to our faces, forcing us to look at our appalling past, our hopeless future, and our panicky loneliness here in America.

~ Substance ~

He does cast a spotlight on relationships, politics, love, suduction, and authority... His music transcends many different styles and genres, and draws from an array of musical influences. With influences ranging from Tim McGraw to the Black Eyed Peas, it is very likley that he can quench your musical taste buds.

~ Stage Presents ~

Many musicians spend years without giving their stage presence a single thought. So, wherever he goes, the good times are sure to follow. He is always having fun with a great sense of humor and that aligns him well with sponsorship deals, which should stand him in good stead for future musical opportunities. He is full of life, he loves to joke, tease, flirt, and talk to the fans. He sings about life in general for the people. From soft touching ballads to wild rock & roll his performace is very heart felt.

So, keep an eye out for this artist. On Myspace you can hear and even add his music to your player for free streaming. Or if you would like, you may purchase the hard copy of the album, or pick and choose his songs for only .99 cents per download. Just click on his purchase link in the menu and you get free streaming and then show support by downloading a song off of his album.

We want to encourage you to support Nelson and his efforts and his wonderful artistic abilities. Many fantastic musicians, song writers, composers, vocalists are never truly discovered. As always, Nelson continues to open people's eyes to issues and his lyrics provoke the audience to think and stand up for what is right. You can show support by becoming his fan, adding his music to your playlist and purchasing some of his songs. We hope you will download and enjoy songs of your choice from this creative artist, with a a very clever and "fair comment" at the very least, he will leave you thinking....

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